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Special thanks to Katsuki for the posters

Hey guys, it was the first time when i join aram contest and the first time when people vote for me becoming the leader. Well imo i pick one of the strongest editors what i possible could from what pick i had. And no matter how results will ends i'm happy and sure that we did a really great job together. Hope you enjoy our work and pls support all of the participants in this mep

Part 1: Shadox (Trigun + Gun x Sword)
Part 2: Katsuki (Lupin the Third + Cowboy Bebop)
Part 3: Kalink (Black Lagoon + Canaan)
Juster: Juster (Joker Game + Baccano)
Part 5: Katsuo (Gangsta)
Part 6: Sempai3607 (Every anime in the mep)

Song: Oh The Larceny - Check It Out
DDL: https://mega.nz/#!6MhnAQpZ!QotQ1_x9zH1R ... 6WqMMKAHfE
Youtube: https://youtu.be/KVfjhhbOHXg

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