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TOS Contest 2019

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Contest Schedule:

Registration & Submission Deadline: 2019/8/15
Finalist Selection: 2019/8/16 - 2019/8/21
Finalist Premiere: 2019/8/22 - 2019/8/29
Result Announcement: 2019/8/31

*Time zone is based on GMT+8.
**The schedule may be adjusted with a follow up official announcement should any unforeseen circumstance occurs.

Prizes(in Chinese Yuan):

Creativity Category
1st Place 8000 CNY(approx. 1158 USD)
2nd Place 5000 CNY(approx. 723 USD)
3rd Place 3000 CNY(approx. 434 USD)
4th-5th Place 1000 CNY(approx. 145 USD)
Visual Effects Category
1st Place 8000 CNY(approx. 1158 USD)
2nd Place 5000 CNY(approx. 723 USD)
3rd Place 3000 CNY(approx. 434 USD)
4th-5th Place 1000 CNY(approx. 145 USD)
Storytelling Category
1st Place 8000 CNY(approx. 1158 USD)
2nd Place 5000 CNY(approx. 723 USD)
3rd Place 3000 CNY(approx. 434 USD)
4th-5th Place 1000 CNY(approx. 145 USD)

666 CNY(approx. 100 USD) for EACH nomination win below:
Best Action, Best Dance, Best Sentimental, Best Trailer, Best Character Profile, Best Romance, Best Comedy/Fun, Best Original Work, Best Parody, Best Visual Design, Best Atmosphere, Best Art Design, Best Editing, Best VFX Composition, Best Drama, Best Manga

A Mystery Item will be awarded for EACH Special nomination below:
Audience Favorites, Best Runner-up, Most Time-Consuming-Work.

Main Rules:

1. There will be three categories for a SINGLE entry to choose from this year.
• Creativity
• Visual Effects
• Storytelling
Participant can select up to TWO categories maximum to join but each entry will still be eligible for prize and ranking across all nominations.
Each participant is limited to ONE entry and trying to register with alt account is strictly forbidden.
2. Besides from traditional AMV and MAD video, this year TOS contest will extend our entry range to INCLUDE: Original Animation and Motion Graphic.
3. All entries are not anonymous and winner will be selected through TWO stages.
• Mass Selection Stage
• Final Qualifying Stage
All contestants will automatically participate in the Mass Selection Stage and depending on the number of total submission, a maximum of 60 finalists will be picked out. In Final Qualifying Stage, all 60 finalists will be ranked by all of our honored judges.
4. Finalist list will be announced SEVEN days after our submission deadline. Entry will also take turns to premiere throughout the competition.
5. TOS contest is EXCLUSIVE only, so you are NOT allowed to publish your work on any other websites before the result came out. If a submitted entry is available publicly, that video will be disqualified, and the editor(s) will be banned from entering future TOS contests.
6. There is no restriction on how many editor(s) you can collaborate with each entry, though the restriction on Main Rules(1) still applies.
7. Starting from this year, member(s) from TOS MAD CLUB that participate will be eligible for final ranking and prizes.

Technical Standards:
1. Entry must be no shorter than 60 seconds and no longer than 10 minutes.
2. We recommend using compression codec of "h264/x264" with no more than 6000kbps bitrates in "FLV or MP4" container. We reserve the right to reject files that we deem to be excessively large without good reason(1GB & above).
3. The content and context of each entry must be suitable for general audience. This includes (but is not limited to) serious gore, vulgar language, extreme nudity, heavy sexual innuendo, and any material that is demeaning or demoralizing.
4. Our contest logo must be included in your video, it can be anywhere in the video up to your artistic choices, but the duration of our full logo should be NOT be less than 1 second.
5. When submitting your video, a Cover Poster (960×600p resolution) and your Personal information (.txt format) including your ID in Bilibili (or Youtube), Video Title, Description of Video, Sources Used, and Video named as “Category_Editor Name_Video Title” are needed.
• Cover Poster
• Information in txt format
• Video
Three of them should be compressed into ONE file ( either in .rar or .zip) and be sent to our official mailbox: The title of the email should be named as "[TOS CONTEST 2019]_Category_Editor Name_Video Title".

Our Judges List:

All Registration MUST Be Done Via The Following Link:

Contest Logo Download Link:
• Google Drive: ... nxX6gGLCtS
• Zippyshare(backup):

If you have any question regarding the contest and registration process, feel free to contact •PikaPika• (Discord) or MapleMAD ( for more information.

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