Iron Effects - Part 5

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Iron Effects - Part 5

Messagepar Noss » jeu. 22 sept. 2016 20:57


This year the Iron Chef for effects - Iron Effects - will take place for the fifth time. For this special occasion I have completely turned around the rules with the help of some former participants.

Straightforward I present you the new rules:
- Every participant will be assigned to a team by dice throw
- There will be a leading master for every team
- The masters will give requirements regarding the effect to their teams
- Edit time will be 72 hours
- Songpool will be decided by the judges and the team-masters
- Participants are only allowed to use and remix songs from their own team songpool
- Editing source either can be anime, 3D-animations, games or comic-animation
- Pornographic- or real-footage are forbidden

Times to deal with (Timezone MESZ):
- Registration deadline: 22.10.16 5pm
- Publication of team-membership: 22.10.16 5pm
- Instructions from masters: 23.10.16-28.10.16 (the master will be deciding on the date)
- Songpool release: 28.10.16 6pm
- Start: 28.10.16 7pm
- End: 31.10.16 7pm

Some details for the event:

- Instructions by masters
On one of the above mentioned days the master will get together with his team members by voice chat or text chat. He will explain what he expects from the team menbers when using the effect. Further he will explain how the effect can be installed and used if there is need for that.

- Songpool
Every master will offer 10 songs. Also the two judges will contibute 5 songs to each team.

- Judgment
Every judge will rate every video. The judgment of the team master will count twice.

Judges and masters:
· Lolligerjoj – Master – Twixtor (AE needed)
· Leolide – Master - Cartoon (AE needed)
· Noss – Master - LipSynch
· Tritio – Freie-Jury
· Sojiro – Freie-Jury

If you want to sign up for the contest please follow this Discord-Link:
sign up with your nickname and send the following text to the registration channel:
„@Noss#5246 on board“

Installing the app is recommended since most of the contests organization and communication will happen in Discord.

The winner of the contest will get this trophy:

After the contest every participating video will be uploaded to the official IE-YouTube-channel: ... fQnW7xV1fw

Also, the fastest way to get an awnser for any questions is to text me over discord. Otherwise you have to wait till I come back to this forum ;)

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