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Publié : lun. 5 avr. 2021 23:37
par Hatsuyo
Hello guys, we're happy to announce you the new IC BF 9 edition SPLASH hosted by me. I invite you to read all of the things below !


- It will begin 19th April 20:00 - 25th April 2020 23:59 (Paris Time)
**Music Pack**

- The music packs will be released on Mega in #music-packs - There will be a link to download all packs


- There will be these 7 categories

There will be only overall ranking

Hatsuyo is the host but I wouldn't judge this edition I would watch everything in the dark.

Mello is the one who made the incredible miniature and the judges' avatar !

Amanystya is the one who made this incredible promo !

For this edition, we have awesome judges : **Luna, Shadox, Lightning, Bimyou, Jinzo, KazeShin** ! We'll be glad to get your entries. Thanks to them for being judge

- Your entry must be no less than **2:00, For Solo and 2:20 for the COLLAB**

- Intro and outro don't count in the entry duration**
- The name of your entry have to be in this form : **[Category] Authors - Title**
Example : [Dance] Hatsuyo & Amanystya - Move Your Body
Videos with logo, watermark or subtitles will not be accepted
- Entries have to be sent to @Hatsuyo#8184 on **Mega or Google Drive or Mediafire**
- The maximum size is **500MB**
- The extension of your entry have to be in .mp4 or .mkv or .avi
- **You can upload your entry on youtube without waiting the IC result**
- **You can edit a music for another category**
Example : I can edit a music from drama pack in action
- Anime Footage or GMV or MV or something like that xD ONLY
- For any question, **ask to Hatsuyo**

So if you want to particpate, go #register ! :sweat_smile:
Let's go guys, we hope you'll participate and show us what you can do !

PS : Go #countdown if you don't know exactly when the IC will end

**CASHPRIZE** : 200 EUROS !!!

1st place = 100 euros
2nd place = 75 euros
3nd place = 25 euros