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CreaTrailer 2014

Messagepar Turbo » mar. 12 août 2014 17:32


Vidding website holds another contest of amateur videos. This fall scheduled for trailers competition. Video must advertise or present the anime, film, game, TV-series, etc. Especially welcomes original, hardly possible in commercial industry videos:

- Cross-over trailers (Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids, The Batman Complex, After Death)
- Trailers for rare films or TV series (Black Mirror)
- Trailers changing genre affiliation (Mrs Doubtfire Horror Trailer, Amelie: The Plague 2, Carpathia Trailer, Subway)
- Comedy and parody trailers (Titanic SUPER 3D, Горбатая Крыша)
- traditional AMV-trailers with usage of the original audio track in conjunction with a suitable anime (A Walk To Remember, Soul Hunters, Another Destination, Welcome to High School of the Dead, Evatar Renewal, Narutrix) etc

There are no restrictions on the used sources. This means trailer can use anime as well as any other source (movie for example).

Start accepting entries: 1 October 2014
Deadline: 31 October 2014

Detailed rules:

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