Hanabi Ni

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Hanabi Ni

Messagepar KuroRukio » mar. 17 févr. 2015 22:11


hello everyone! as you all know Hanabi Ni is one of the events that involves
Japan and the japanese culture . It is called Hanabi Ni since it is occuring
for the second time in Tunisia, and as I 'KuroRukio' is in charged in this years AMV contest.
This year the contest will take place on an international level!!
I'd also like to inform you that there will be rewards for the winner!!
My friend and I, won't be the only ones who will decide who is going to win this contest,
Because the Public will also vote and Public prize Smile
Ganbatte kudasai minna!

Judges : KuroRukio , xDreww


Your video(s) must meet the following criteria:
1) Videos must be of reasonable video and audio quality. We suggest that your video resolution be at least 640x480, and your frame rate be 23.976fps or higher.
2) The audio content of all AMV entries must primarily be music
4) Video length must be between 1 minute and 5 minutes.
5) Must contain at least 50% OFFICIAL anime, or Japanese video game footage.
6) No bumpers, credits, watermarks or title screens. All videos Should Be like that
7)the video has to be exclusive
Cool Any trailers entered MUST NOT contain proper titles or authorities in their opening green screen.

Send Your AMVs Here with this formulaire https://mega.co.nz/#!XJxE1Lhb!Qp3xjue4c ... 5FOhjWMZQ:: hanabi.tn@gmail.com

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Re: Hanabi Ni

Messagepar MagicDarkLight » mar. 17 févr. 2015 22:32

Je le ferai peut-être. Ca risque d'être difficile de trouver assez d'exclus par contre :p

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Re: Hanabi Ni

Messagepar cmoididi » mer. 18 févr. 2015 19:24

Pas sur de le faire, j'ai un truc prévue pour la JE mais ça dépend pas que de moi, on verra bien.

edit : dead si c'est en mars XD adieu

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