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[TheCacoVenom] Abduction: Pesadilla

Publié : lun. 23 déc. 2013 19:15
par TheCacoVenom



Editor: TheCacoVenom
Pro: Faith
Novice: TheCacoVenom
Music: Zxyzxy - Sxy
Sources: Dark Skies, Insidious,The Conjuring,The Ring,Nip Tuck,Ancient Aliens

HQ download/d2sa8b098hbseeg/%5BTheCacoVenom%2C+Faith%5D+FMV+Abduction%3B+Pesadilla+%28848x480%29+HQ.mp4

Thanks to Faith for be my Pro, our time zone is very different but we did it.

Abduction is when someone is kidnapped by Aliens. Something that this kind of people can feel is sleepwalk, nosebleed, weird mark in their body, unexplained events, electrical malfunction around them ... However all this is not necessary because some people have been abductees in their dream and when they wake up, they feel that everything was a nightmare about Aliens.

PS: Pesadilla is nightmare in English