Momiji ロッソもみじ [IC#20]

Les clips de l'iron chef 20 organisé par Amv-France
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Re: Momiji ロッソもみじ [IC#20]

Messagepar General-Guy » mer. 3 avr. 2013 19:12

Fine work you did there! Dynamism and the source are perfectly with the tone of the song. Only regret is that it's quite short.
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Re: Momiji ロッソもみじ [IC#20]

Messagepar chambeyc » jeu. 4 avr. 2013 11:58

Same as my friends above: great! But too short!
That was a really awesome anime/music combo here. I also like the scenes chosen, the camera movement ... we can sense that you are really a good editor :)
GG !

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Re: Momiji ロッソもみじ [IC#20]

Messagepar Dn@ » mer. 10 avr. 2013 02:33

Deserved a better spot imo.
Not bad work, my favorite with that awfull music )

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Re: Momiji ロッソもみじ [IC#20]

Messagepar kain-x-spirits » ven. 12 avr. 2013 01:34

I didn't watch the no fx version, but for me, the one with FX was the best vid i've seen from this IC.
Nice job.
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