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ZA Multi Rave IC

Messagepar TheCacoVenom » dim. 12 janv. 2014 20:22


[*]Multi Rave IC

[*]About the contest:

This time, we’re trying to make an IC but a little bit different. This, by making an IC
of Meps and Collabs.
This means that on this IC studios or teams will be able to participate and show us
their skills on team work. However, people without a team or studio can make their
own teams with others in the same situation.

[*]Dates for the con:

• The IC will begin no January 24 to January 27
• The songs packs will be uploaded on Friday 24 at 2:00pm Mexico’s time
(GMT -6)
• the deadline is on Monday 27 at 11:59pm (also GMT -6)


1. Only Meps and collabs (consider a collab to be two-person mep) are allowed.
Solo entries won’t be accepted.
2.No logos, no subs, no watermark.
3.It’s is forbidden the use of hentai. However, moderate erotism and censure
are allowed.
4.Length: The mep or collab must have a duration over 1.30 min (without
intro or outro)
5.Allowed formats:
•Codec: x264, xvid, divx
•Container formats: mp4, avi, mkv, wmv
6.To submit your mep/collab you have to send an email to:
with the following information:
•Members who are participating on the mep/collab
•Download site of the mep/collab (could be link for akross, the org, mediafire etc)






Best Action
Best Dance/Fun
Best Horror/Psych
Best Romance/Drama
Best Track
Best Mep/Collab

[*]Any question, doubt and registration here

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